April 2nd, 2010

amd: devilish tantrum

Caprica (spoilers)

Well, it's been a week and I'm still thinking about the finale to Caprica. That was quite a mid-season finale, a real game changer. I'm glad Zoe finally escaped the lab, although I'll miss all those creepy yet affecting scenes where they're talking about her as a robot, but the camera's showing her as Zoe. And I was way bummed that she had to kill Philomon (aka Cute Lab Boy). I'm hoping that he'll be the first person Zoe resurrects via V-World. He would certainly be useful in... ahem... servicing her robot body. Especially if it's damaged at all from that explosion.

I thought Paula's suicide was a good enough end to her somewhat tedious storyline, although I suspect Sister Clarice will resurrect her in order to manipulate either Zoe or Daniel. Of course, Sister Clarice will first have to get revenge against Barnabas, probably with the help of Lacey. By the way, I was cracking up that Lacey was still wearing her schoolgirl uniform when attending the meeting of the terrorist cell.

Now that Zoe's gone, I'm not sure where they'll go with the Daniel vs. Vergis story. It would be interesting if Clarice lured Daniel into working for her by offering to put him in touch with a virtual Paula. That would be a nice twist on the first half of the season.

And then there are the Adamas. Has Joseph really stopped searching for Tamara? I guess not. If so, his storyline would be pretty much over. And I really don't want to see him being a good father to Willy all of a sudden. Willy's far more interesting being raised by his Uncle Sam, who I'd like to see more of. That all said, I think Tamara's own storyline can only get more interesting now that she's over being found. I like her as some sort of super gangster.

Not sure when the show is coming back, but until then here's an appropriate photo of Alessandra Torresani.