April 1st, 2010

amd: seonna hong

Lost (spoilers)

Well, as pleased as I was to see Desmond back, I was a little disappointed that all of Widmore's buildup about "THE PACKAGE" was only referring to having his son-in-law on board. And of course if Smoke Locke is telling the truth, Widmore's played right into his hands by bringing someone who may be a potential candidates to the island, since Smoke Locke seems to need them all with him in order to escape the island. Of course, Widmore doesn't even know where the pockets of energy on the island are, so apparently he and his Tina Fey-ish sidekick are more in the dark than I suspected.

Oh, snap, I just realized Smoke Locke doesn't need the candidates altogether in order to leave the island. He just wants to kill them all so that none of them can take Jacob's place!

It was great watching Jin finally get to see pictures of his daughter, very touching and well acted. In fact, I kind of thought the package might turn out to be his daughter, since she's also a Kwon and thus a potential candidate. Sun, on the other hand, got largely sidelined because the writers thought it was easier to ramp up tension if she suddenly forgot how to speak English. That was stupid and annoying.

Other than that it was just a series of little moments that kept me enjoying the episode. Sun getting ridiculously sexy in the hotel room. Sawyer's "Why don't you just turn into smoke and float over" line. Miles picking on Hurley. Michael Emerson stealing scenes even when his character doesn't have anything to do.

And while I didn't get my wish of watching Keamy die a second time this season, I at least got to listen to him die again. But wait, was he still moving a little? Oh, please, have somebody shoot him again!

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