March 3rd, 2010

amd: loving the monkey

it's ok if you skip the text and just look at the pretty picture

Ok, still too focused on my resolutions to blog about anything else for the time being. Got home last night and did a decent chunk of writing. I've really got to wrap up the scenes in the section I'm working on fast, because they've been dragging on so long that I'm starting to dislike them. I need to just get them in the bag and leave them there for six months. I think my daily goal for writing is going to be a minimum of one hour per day. That will still leave me a little time to goof around on the internet and channel surf, two activities that I'm failing to reduce in any significant way. The healthy eating goal just got a boost from karma_soupra's recommendation of the site which is making it very easy for me to keep track of what I eat over the course of a day and what it all adds up to (in terms of calories, carbs, sodium, fat, sugars, fiber, protein, and cholesterol). So far it looks like I'm eating pretty healthy. The only glaring trouble spot so far is sugar intake, which I already suspected, but it's good to have confirmation. So I'm aiming for a sweets-less day, especially since I left the bike at home for fear of snow later.