November 18th, 2009

amd: ballerina escape

(I won't shut up about my bicycle until it's the most famous bicycle in all of Philadelphia)

It's interesting to see the alternative places people are parking their bicycles since my usual bike rack was slated for demolition. A few people seem to favor the chain link fence surrounding the parking lot on the corner, which seems like a mistake. Not only could you cut it easy, but the caps have come loose from many of the posts. The parking meters are a safer bet, except that Philly is currently switching over to meterless parking abd I've heard tales of the city beheading meters, leaving the bikes chained to them easy prey. Various street signs are fine, but usually taken by the time I get in. And the few remaining smaller bike racks now look positively mobbed with six or more bikes chained where normally one or two would. So, I've settled on locking up to the thick chains that fence in the massive air conditioner unit for our building. It's not quite as visible as I'd like, but at least it's in a somewhat busy parking lot.