November 12th, 2009

amd: typing monkey

rain train brain

Well, the rain isn't all bad. Inspiration came to me on the subway last night and I found myself scribbling out a scene both on the train and when I got home. After such a long spell of inactivity, it felt really good and I'm still pretty jazzed about it today. I'd forgotten how often that would happen when I was riding the subway. A big chunk of my notebooks were scribbled in those subterranean tunnels. Sadly, that kind of spontaneous creativity hasn't really happened since I've started riding my bike. Maybe the idea-generating part of my brain is being co-opted to help me navigate through city traffic. It would be sad to think that I have to choose between writing and cycling.

Or maybe it's just that I'm very relaxed on the subway. There's no need to control anything when I'm riding a train, so my normally tense brain can relax and allow flashes of insight to come through more easily. That would fit with the fact that the rest of my inspiration has come while sitting at a bar with a drink in hand. When there's no decisions to be made, my brain is at peace enough to think shit up. Like dreaming. If that's the case, maybe there's some way I can meditate my way to that state without depending on the situation of where I happen to be seated.

Or maybe there's no rhyme or reason to it and I'm just assigning significance were none exists.