November 10th, 2009

amd: turqoise scare

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I've been having very athletic dreams lately. Sunday night I dreamt intensely about baseball. It was interesting because I seemed to be both managing the team and at time playings various positions, so it's like I was dreaming that I was an entire baseball team, although not any team that I could recognize by their faces or uniforms.

And then last night, I dreamt I was swimming in the ocean. I was way out, just barely in sight of the shore, and still swimming farther. I was really struggling against some tough waves, getting pushed down and tossed around, making almost no headway, when my alarm woke me up.

In waking life, I seem to have done something to my right knee, probably when I was bicycling under the influence Thursday night, because I'm getting this annoying pain in it when I begin pedaling from a stopped position. I think I had the same thing a few months ago and it went away in a few days.