October 2nd, 2009

amd: outer space flyby

They Came From Outer Space

Caught a little of the movie Ski School during commercial breaks for The West Wing this morning. Typical sports-themed sex-and-party comedy, but notable (for me at least) for starring Dean Cameron and Stuart Fratkin who headlined a show together that I loved back in my immature youth. They Came From Outer Space was a hilarious dirty-minded syndicated comedy about two fun-loving space aliens sent to Earth to attend Oxford who instead run off to get into nutty adventures in Southern California each week. Cameron played Bo, who's only interests were sex and making trouble. Fratkin played Abe, his slightly more sensible twin brother who's only vice is eating. Much like the Monkees tv, Bo and Abe would find themselves in one wacky scenario after another: judging a beauty contest, hunting for buried treasure, running the advertising for a big toy company, working as hair dressers, saving a movie star dog from being put to sleep, all the while being pursued by the Air Force. My favorite was when they ran a television station, creating all their own program, earning the wrath of the Tony Danza-like star of a show called "He's The Maid."

Ooooh, it looks like all the episodes are on Hulu: http://www.hulu.com/they-came-from-outer-space. I'd better get watching!