August 10th, 2009

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It was a good weekend.

Saturday, we headed up to the Italian Market to stock up on fruits and veggies and good cheeses. Then I biked up to Old City for an afternoon of drinking with my oldest pal. We tried a couple glasses of Root, that new root beer liquor, and it made the front of my face feel as sparkly as a Twilight vampire boy. Then I sped and home and tried to bake a cake while drunk and it turned out about as badly as you might imagine, not to mention almost as saturated with rum as I was. With its wretchedness yet to be revealed, we took it to friends who had us over for ultra-delicious enchiladas, good wine, and games.

Then it was a shut-in Sunday, during which we continued the process of hauling all our stuff back up to the second floor while watching surprisingly unsappy teen movies on cable and eating buffalo chicken sandwiches from Nick's.

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