August 6th, 2009

amd: ass monkey

fish tacos and filmmaking

I've eaten more fish tacos this week than in any week ever... like
since the dawn of man!

On Sunday, I made fish tacos with tilapia for me and K. (homemade guac
and salsa, refried beans). Very delicious. Then Monday night I
wanted to use up some of the leftovers (which did not include tilapia,
alas) and remembered some salmon patties that had been sitting in the
freezer forever. Those turned out quite good as well. Then yesterday,
Honest Tom's taco cart near my workplace was making fish tacos, so I
just had to partake again. I'm not sure what fish he used (monkfish
maybe?), but with his fresh guac and a nice corn salsa, they were most

In the Drexel Armory, right near Honest Tom's, they're getting ready
to film some James L. Brooks movie, so I might be seeing Paul Rudd,
Jack Nicholson, Reese Witherspoon or Owen Wilson in the upcoming
months. That would make for a fun lunch. Hey, Owen Wilson, you like