July 20th, 2009

amd: green tiki

vacation report from Long Beach Island

Got the last of our stuff moved down to the first floor Saturday morning, then packed up the car and headed East. Unfortunately, our cruisers proved both too heavy and too curvy for the flimsy bike rack K's mom lent us, so the first thing on our agenda after walking along the beach, kicking some waves, and letting K. take a little post-drive nap was renting bikes. The weekly rate for rental was a steal at only forty bucks per bike. With wheels secured, zoomed around town checking out options for a quick fried seafood fix and called it a night.

Woke up bright and early yesterday, hopped on our bikes, and hit the popular local eatery Chicken or Egg before the breakfast rush. Then we rode down down to the southern end of the island. The beach at the southern tip is closed off at this time of year as it's a breeding ground for sea turtles, so we walked north along the beach from there. K. found some great shells and I found a really beautiful dead dragonfly, floating upside down in the surf. We carefully fished it out of the waves and carried it around on a seashell in case it was just stunned. It's tail was moving a little bit, slowly curling under, but I think that was just death rigor or something.

Then we biked home, got in our suits and headed back to the beach. I just swam around a little (cold!), but K. was in it for some serious sunning, so I picked up the laptop and headed down to the tiki bar for some writing and rum. It was pretty nice. I finally finished transcribing my notebooks for the current novel, then I started digging into the first draft of the 90s novel to try and figure out what direction I might go with if I were to continue my ancient effort to second draft it.

We got some cheap, but not super great lobsters for dinner, and then went out for a little ice cream.

Today, we slept in and realized there's no point in going out to eat late in the morning because of all the screaming kid that fill the breakfast joints. Now K. is off to the beach and I'll head back off to the tiki bar in a bit to hopefully get some real writing done.