June 29th, 2009

amd: ballerina escape

the weekend in review

A surprisingly non-stop weekend. On Saturday, K. and I explored some new paths in the Wissahickon and saw kids jumping off of rocks into the Devil's Pool, which according to local legend is bottomless. It was about a thirty foot jump and looked like a lot of fun. I might have to try it someday. Then it was a late lunch at Valley Green and home again for a quick shower before heading out for an eight hour drinking binge with the boys in belated honor of my birthday. We hit Rum Bar (twice), Franklin Trust, Doobies, and Bob & Barbara's. Was pretty damn pickled by the time I made it home. Flipped around the channels until I stumbled across the excellently titled Voodoo Dollz: Lust Potion #9, which I would love to report back on if I hadn't promptly fallen asleep on the couch.

Felt a little unsteady the next morning, but couldn't let that stop us as we had to promptly drive down to Maryland to have crabs with K's family. Excellent-tasting, monster-sized crabs with nigh-unbreakable shells, lots of cute antics from K's niece, about half of the Iron Man movie, and then home again just in time to collapse in front of True Blood.

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