June 15th, 2009

amd: drooling monkey

catching up with late 80s technology

Having no television for a couple days was pretty odd for a TV junkie like myself. Even though we had plenty of recorded stuff to watch, I had all these impulses to check the weather or flip around the channels while waiting for someone or watch a few minutes of something while tying my shoes.

As of last night though, we now have the opposite problem. Thanks to a really cheap deal, we've now got cable for a year. So there will always be something to watch, a hundred channels to flip through, and plenty of On Demand stuff waiting. I feel like the civilization in our household may now collapse into primitive idol worship, where we do nothing but sit glassy-eyed before it, afraid to move lest we miss something important.

But hey, it was fun watching True Blood last night without having to download it.