May 19th, 2009

amd: angel and the ape gigantic

Ezekiel saw a wheel

K. and I had a nice visit from zeeke this weekend. I took Friday off to give him the drunkard's tour of Philly, sticking mostly west of Broad this time around, since we hit east the last time he was here. We walked along the Schuylkill, around the Art Museum, and then went down to Grace's for lunch. It was a nice day for walking around in the sun, hitting bar after bar, piling on brandy after tequila after martinis after rum after cider after beer, and generally catching up. We even lucked out enough to find b_stung and dynamine willing to serve us up some drinks and good company at their joints before finally heading off to Sidecar for dinner.

Saturday, the three of us got out early for a hike in the Wissahickon and lunch at Valley Green. Then headed home to verify rumors about the best gelato shop in Philly opening a new joint right around the corner from us. Deliciously true, they were. I had half lemon, half pineapple with mint. And to make a good thing even better, a comic book shop had sprung up right next to them. Good deal. We hung out with theballadofyoko and got K's antique Schwinn fixed up. Then we got ourselves together for a little dinner at Swanky Bubbles and walked around Old City.

On Sunday, we grabbed our friend Michael and took Zeeke through the Italian Market and down to Pat's so he could get the cheesesteak he'd been lusting after in the days leading up to his trip. And then it was off to the airport to send him back to Utah with hopes that he'll soon return for good.

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