April 29th, 2009

amd: guru of badonkadonk

too much belly

After a winter where I seemed to be getting away with eating whatever I wanted, I've recently found myself once again heavier than I care to be. K. and I bought a scale Sunday to replace our old electronic one that died when the battery leaked. This time we got a good, old-fashioned mechanical model that looks quite nice, except, of course, when it's telling you how much you weigh.

I'm up to 250 and my belly sits annoyingly on my lap like a piece of carry-on luggage that wouldn't fit in the overhead compartment. From past experience, I know that losing fifteen pounds will make a world of difference (more energy, clothes fitting better, etc), but I'd love to lose more, at least twenty-five or thirty.

Going back to eating better is obviously step one. Step two would be exercise, which is a bit harder. I'm over walking to work. Last year, it stopped being enjoyable and turned into a chore, especially in the dog days of summer. I've been saying for the past six months that I'm going to get a bicycle and start riding to work, which should make the trip about as quick as the subway. I've just got to make my decision about what bike to get and then go down to the bike store and buy it.