February 23rd, 2009

amd: loving the monkey

the weekend

On Saturday, K. and I got some awesome Mexican food at Taqueria Veracruzana (carnitas tacos for me and sweet pineapple and pork tacos for her), then did some shopping at the Italian Market. Then later I experimented with doing some writing while under the influence of a borrowed Xanax (thank you, Steve F.). It went pretty well. I definitely felt like I was judging myself less harshly and I'm inclined to say that I stayed focused much longer than I normally would. Further experimentation to follow.

Then yesterday, we went to a couple parties, the first one being a gaggle of drunken librarians taking over a local bar, 12 Steps Down, for a double birthday bash. And the second being a big old Oscar party complete with people in costume (not us), lots of groovy cheeses and samosas (which I devoured), and trivia contests (which my team totally won). The show itself was pretty good. Steve Martin and Tina Fey were awesome with that Scientology shtick and Ben Still was pretty funny with his Joachim Phoenix act.

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