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Diary of an Ass Monkey
13 November 2008 @ 09:13 am
I hate it when people delete my side of the email from their reply. Especially if their response is something like "Thanks a lot!" Because I just always initially interpret that as sarcasm. Then I have to dig through all my sent mails trying to figure out what I did to piss them off, only to find out that I was really helpful and their thanks were genuine.

Anyway, no ominous ghost pigeons today. Last night I baked the long-awaited pineapple upside-down cake. It looks gorgeous but we're waiting til K's bookclub tonight to cut into it. Although it was hard to resist stealing a slice. Fortunately I had plenty of pineapple scraps to nibble on and some awesome apple cider from the farmer's market.

Listening to: The Magnetic Fields - "I Can't Touch You Anymore"