September 8th, 2008

amd: monkey block

Outer Banks, part three

Back at work with a pile of things to do, so I better wrap up the vacation recap quickly.

Wednesday, I went for a boat ride with K's cousin and his wife (who having already pissed off K. moved onto K's sister, ensuring that at least half the people in the house were mad at her). It was a lot of fun. I got to swim from the boat to a little sandbar. And on the way back, we came across a pod of dolphins and stopped to watch them. There were about thirty of them and they performed all the cute Flipper antics right within spitting distance of the boat. There was even a baby dolphin about the size of my arm. Pretty cool.

Later that night, I succumbed to drunken camaraderie and agreed to play golf the next day with K's dad and brother-in-law. What a mistake! The first five or six holes were fun enough, but then the boredom kicked in all at once. After that it was just an exercise in stupidity, standing around in the blazing sun for hours and hours, while we did the same damn repetitive things over and over. And without so much as a beer in sight. Sunburned, dehydrated, and bored stiff is one thing, but I simply must draw the line at sober.

Friday, tropical storm Hannah was moving towards us and we were more of less done with the beach, so we left early, which actually meant more driving in the rain than we would have if we'd waited it out. But it also meant a weekend of relaxing at home before returning to work, so that's a good thing.