August 12th, 2008

amd: typing monkey

The Man From Earth

I've long held the notion that more films in the science fiction genre need to be liberated from the mainstream action adventure model. More ideas, fewer explosions. Boy, did I get my wish with The Man From Earth. There's hardly an action in it, unless you count talking. Fortunately, it's pretty decent talking.

The basic premise: at an impromptu goodbye party, a departing history professor reveals to his colleagues that he's around 14,000 years old. The story is a combination of scientific speculation and psychological investigation as they try to figure out whether he could possibly be telling the truth. To be sure, it's no summer blockbuster, but it's definitely fun in it's own way. Old school sci-fi screenwriter Jerome Bixby (Star Trek, The Twilight Zone) started writing this in the 60s and finished it on his deathbed in 1968.

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