January 21st, 2008

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Best of 2007: Round One, Match Six (Roast Chicken and Poi Dog Pondering)

I made my first ever roast chicken dinner yesterday and it came out perfect. Although I was so concerned about getting the chicken, gravy and stuffing right, that I messed up the mashed potatoes, which I'm old hat at. Still, the chicken was fantastic. And now I've got a pot of chicken noodle soup ready for dinner tonight.

After dinner, K. and I went to see Poi Dog Pondering at the World Cafe. Great show. They were playing as a five piece (mostly) acoustic group rather than the full band. The best part was when they played "Catacombs" (by my request), but they also did a fantastic cover of "Into the Mystic." I think it was probably the oldest audience I've ever seen a show with. I'm used to feeling like the old man at concerts, but with this show I felt like a young whippersnapper.

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