December 21st, 2007

amd: scott morse skirt

I dream the body eccentric....

Apparently when I sleep, I'm a little fuzzy on how human reproduction works. In the scenario of last night's dream, when a man impregnates a woman, the man instantly dies, but the woman then gives birth (nine months later) to a male baby who is essentially an exact clone of the baby's father. Everyone seemed to consider this completely natural. Most people even seemed to believe that the man's soul reincarnated into the baby, although at least some people in the dream said that was just superstition. There was no in-dream explanation for where girl babies come from. Maybe the man only dies when he sires a son?

Jesus, how terrified of potential fatherhood, am I?

In less psychologically harrowing news, today is the the office holiday party. Actally, that makes it sound like something it isn't. It's just a boozeless, musicless, potluck lunch where my co-workers bring their kids to work (something I, of course, couldn't do, because I'd be dead!)

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