November 19th, 2007

amd: orange peek

a story with a happy ending

So last month, the store where I bought my hiking shoes last may at was having a big sale (because they had just moved). Since I love my hiking shoes and actually wear them just about constantly as regular shoes, I figured I might as well stop in and buy another pair (because I'm boring like that). My lunch hour was almost over, so I didn't even try them on. Just pointed, gave my size, and purchased. Their easiest sale of the day.

Fast forward one month. Since the pair I'm currently wearing are still in fine shape, the new pair is still sitting in the box in the bag I brought them home in. I was doing some tidying up this weekend and figured I should probably at least take out of the box and make sure there was nothing freaky wrong about them that would require returning them. And what did I find the bag? the missing fifth notebook!!! I must have been jotting down ideas as I was walking down the street and just stowed it in the most convenient place as I entered my building.

So, the transcription and (hopefully inevitable) novel writing shall continue.