October 26th, 2007

amd: red pow wow

bands, pants, beards, and pumpkins

Tonight I'm off the see the New Pornographers (with Emma Pollack from the Delgados and Immaculate Machine opening). I'm not as crazy about the last two albums as I was about their first two, but this will be the first time seeing them with Neko Case in the band, so that's exciting.

In other news, I'm going to a 1970s costume party tomorrow and I have nothing to wear. I'm even gonna spin some tunes for them. And by spin, I mean plug in my ipod and press some buttons. But I have nothing to wear! I have a notion to turn an old pair of pants into bell bottoms, but that will require effort. As will going to the thrift store to find a shirt with a wide enough collar.

Hmmm... perhaps breaking into the Halloween candy will give me the energy I need!

Today might also be the day when I finally trim my beard. In this rainy weather, the sides of it stick out two inches from my face.

And I still have to carve this year's jack 'o lantern. Well, I guess I can do that hungover on sunday.

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