October 25th, 2007

amd: serious monkey

wednesday night television

Grrrr.... I'm so sick of this rain. At least the week is almost over.

Ambreal Heather

I can't believe they almost sent Ambreal home on Top Model. That's crazy. Her face is so pretty, I want a statue of her for my desk. It's pretty awesome that having Asperger's isn't stopping Heather from kicking everyone else's ass. The intense focus aspect might even be helping her.

Outside of the so far nearly perfect Pushing Daisies (I'll have to watch last night's episode this weekend), I think the most enjoyable of the new tv shows is probably Gossip Girl. Good soapy fun. A bit of Cruel Intentions, a bit of Heathers, a bit of The O.C. Hopefully, it'll slowly grow trashier and more melodramatic as it goes.

Dirty Sexy Money isn't really doing that much for me, but hey! Peter Krause and Donald Sutherland are forcing me to watch it.