October 16th, 2007

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vacation recap

Man, going to work to work is such a drag. I should have stayed on vacation. Speaking of which, here's how the vacay went down:

Saturday (the 6th): The long drive up. Stopped off in Newport for a few hours on the way. Got some chowder at the Mudville, walked the Cliff Walk in the mist, visited my brother's family, and then got back on the road. The cottage in Cape Cod was pretty nice. Two bedrooms, full kitchen, and cable tv (which is a rare treat for us).

Sunday (the 7th): Spent the day with the folks who lent us the cottage. Their kids suddenly got very interested in me when I started playing Zelda on my DS.

Monday (the 8th): K. went off to spend more time them. I stayed at the cottage, went for a long walk around the town, and watched tv. When K. got back, we went out for a lobster dinner at a place that was oddly enough owned by a former Philadelphian who came out to chat with us.

Tuesday (the 9th): We drove up to Provincetown, which is a real fun, ultra-liberal, super gay-friendly resort town. We climbed to the top of Pilgrim Tower, did some shopping (K. bought me a cool watch), and genuinely had a ball just walking around. Oh, and we bought a Buddha for the backyard that was sculpted by a local artist famous for dressing like a lobster and smoking pot in public.

Wednesday (the 10th): It was pretty rainy, so we mostly stayed in and watched season one of Degrassi: the Next Generation. Then we had lasagna with the cottage-lenders and watched the second episode of Pushing Daisies.

Thursday (the 11th): We had fish tacos and bought homemade root barrels (candy) in Brewster, then drove down and walked around the beaches, stores, and lighthouse in Chatham. Then we had a suprisingly great sushi dinner at Noble House, right near where we were staying.

Friday (the 12th): We drove into Boston, where we had a great Southwestern lunch at Cottonwood. Then we hit the Museum of Fine Art and walked around the Public Garden (we're big fans of parks designed by Olmstead) and Boston Commons until it was time to meet some old friends for dinner at the Parrish Cafe. After dinner, we went out for ice cream and I bought a Tullycraft album at a cool record/comics store.

Saturday (the 13th): We went to a flea market in Wellfleet that was just ok. Then we went to the Edward Gorey House, which was pretty cool. Unfortunately, it was just a normal house (not some cool looking Gothic mansion), but there were neat displays and a lively tour. You definitely get a good feel for the life he led there. Then we drove around for a while and ended up at this little compound in the woods where a family of sculptors and potters live and work together. I photographed the vividly sculpted posteriors of their statues, then we bought some of their ultra-reasonably priced pottery seconds. Then it was chowder and fried seafood. And I went to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age while K. tagged along to her friend's bookclub.

Sunday (the 14th): A perfect sunny day for the long drive back. Once again, we hit Newport on the way. The owner of our favorite used book store in the world opened up early for us and we bought a ton of books. I was especially happy to find a mint copy of Soon I Will Be Invincible for just $6. Then we walked the Cliff Walk, where I turned my ankle. And officially finished off vacation with a tasty lunch at the Quahog Company.

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