October 15th, 2007

amd: fishing

Back from the beach....

It was weird to come home from vacation. When we left Philly, it felt like summertime here, all hot and humid. I was wearing shorts and trying to decide if I even needed to pack a long-sleeved shirt for the trip. But when we got back last night, it felt like winter already, all cold and windy. I actually needed blankets to sleep. The weather couldn't have changed that much in a week, could it?

And I feel like there's more traffic in Philly than when we left, although I'm sure that's just a delusion caused by being out of the city for a week. Also, on that front, the air seems dirtier and the people meaner.

I miss seeing the whole tapestry of stars when I look up into the night sky. It was nice to have that for a few days.

Also, I turned my ankle yesterday on the Cliff Walk on Newport. Wasn't even walking on the rocks yet. Somehow I managed to trip on the nicely paved section. Bent it just about 90 degrees. Intense pain for about ten minutes, but after that I was able to hike a few miles albeit at a slower speed than usual. Pretty amazing joints, those ankles. Still tender today, so I may be skipping my walk home from work for a few days.

Anyway, vacation was good. Ate so much seafood. Detailed report to follow.