October 1st, 2007

amd: turqoise scare

friday and saturday

Well, Moonlight was a disappointment friday. Basically it's a remake of the old syndicated vampire cop show Forever Knight (much moreso, I think, than Angel), which I always liked, so I had hopes for this. The first episode tried too hard to be a mainstream drama. If it's going to succeed, they're going to have to figure out that genre shows are allowed to be fun. I also think, they need to sit the writers down and make them watch about forty hours of film noir. I'll give it another try though, mostly because Logan from Veronica Mars is in it.

On Saturday, K. and I went to a lovely wedding, where two lovely people got married and then fed us lovely food. Butternut squash ravioli in cream sauce with little chopped up pieces of squash and wild mushrooms. Mmmmm... I gladly wrecked my diet by getting seconds of that. One of the guests had such amazing shoes that I had to take a picture of them and she said "That picture better not end up on some fetish blog." Hah... what do I know about fetish blogs!