September 27th, 2007

amd: purple paisley

wednesday night television

Still had some easy choices for viewing last night. First up was America's Next Top Model (although next week my favorite new show of the season Pushing Daisies debuts in the same hour). There's still too many models for me to get any sort of real opinion on them, so I'll stick by my favorites from last week (Saleisha and Ambreal).

I had the opposite problem with this week's Gossip Girl. The drama in the first two episodes is already feeling way too incestuous. They've got to introduce some new characters into the mix fast or I will easily get bored, which would be a shame bwcause it's a fun piece of stylish, trashy goodness.

I was able to skip The Bionic Woman this week, because I already saw the premier. The quality of the writing and acting on it is quite good, but I worry that it's just not going to be any fun. I don't mind a little moody melodrama given what's happened to the main character, but if that's the show whole shtick, I think it's going to be a drag.

I was pleasantly surprised with Dirty Sexy Money, which stars Six Feet Under and Sports Night star Peter Krause. Cards on the table, I would probably watch Peter Krause mix up glasses of instant lemonade for an hour if somebody put it on tv, so this wasn't such a hard sell. But there's also something really appealing about the premise: Krause decides to be the personal lawyer for this insanely awful ultra-rich family that he has--at best--a love/hate relationship with because they're giving him ten million a year to do good works with in his dead father's name. Oh, and there's a decent chance someone in the family actually had his father killed.