September 26th, 2007

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tuesday night television

Lots of drama on tuesday night television. First, I watched Bones, which is kind of the frozen pizza of tv: it tastes fine, satisfies the hunger, but is rarely gonna impress you.

After that, though, was the season three premier of my recent fave The Unit. Lots of "Aw, yeah!" moments for me during this episode. I'm really happy that they didn't instantly solve their dilemma from last season's cliffhanger and that it will take at least another episode or two to get back to status quo (if ever).

I'd already seen a pre-air of Reaper, so I didn't feel bad about skipping that. It's funny enough, but it's more of a saturday afternoon syndicated show than a prime time one.

After The Unit, I decided to give Cane, the new show about sugar barons, a shot. Lots of sexy, rich people trying to screw each other over. Good soap operatic motivations and machinations, but handled with enough reality to give it a touch of class. Jimmy Smitts is one of those actors who is always kind of playing the same character, but I don't really care because he plays him so well. Oh, and everyone was drinking either mojitos or straight rum, so you know I loved that.

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