September 25th, 2007

amd: orange peek

monday night television

So, the week of new tv doth begin. And so far it's not bad.

Last night saw the start of Chuck, the new comic spy drama from the guy who made the OC. It's a comedy-drama about a computer nerd who for wacky reasons ends up becoming involved in international espionage. Big points for having Adam Baldwin (Jayne from Firefly) playing a wisecracking badass again.

Since, I had already seen a pre-air of Chuck, I checked out the premieres of How I Met Your Mother (still good, but coasting a bit on the higher-than-average likeability of the cast) and new sit-com The Big Bang Theory (has good potential, as long as the writing about nerds stays as accurate as it was; definite bonus points for them knowing at what level a hunter in World of Warcraft gets their first pet).

After that was the return of Heroes, which was just ok. I'm still interested in what happens to Claire and Mr. Bennent. Slightly less so in Hiro and his adventures with the blue-eyed, blonde-haired samurai poseur. Not very much so in everything else. And I'm already super bored by the whole hapless bachelors (Parkman and Suresh) raising the troubled orphan girl storyline.

And then there was Journeyman, the latest in a long line of sci-fi shows for non-sci-fi people. It seemed fairly competant, but unexciting. However, in it's defense, I was watching it distractedly as I was installing a doorknob in our backdoor during the commercial breaks.

And now for zantimisfit and others concerned about yesterday's model hiking in bare feet, please take note of the proper foot attire in today's photo. (Oddly enough, I saw someone bicycling across the Walnut Street Bridge yesterday wearing three-inch heel slingbacks!)

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