August 31st, 2007

amd: seonna hong

"Trim closely the moustache and grow the beard and thus act different from the fire-worshippers."

Walking through the U. Penn campus to get my lunch yesterday, I saw a guy in a gorilla costume riding a bicycle down the sidewalk. A guy running ahead of him was half yelling (with faux shock) "watch out, everyone, it's a gorilla!"

In other hairy face news, my beard is getting really long and scraggly. K. originally didn't want me to trim it, because I usually shave my head when I trim my beard, but even she is now saying "Hmmmm... maybe you should trim that." But I feel like I've already survived the hottest months of summer with the full beard, I might as well keep it growing all winter, right?

That's what old men do, right? They grow long beards and walk with canes. Oooh... gotta buy a cane. My one complaint with my own beard, is that I have about 30 white hairs in it. I really wish there were more. I'd love a nice salt-and-pepper beard.

I like hiding behind my beard. It's like a disguise. I wonder if women feel the same way about wearing makeup?

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