August 23rd, 2007

amd: seonna hong

Camera Obscura

Went to see Camera Obscura last night at the TLA. Great, great show. I don't know why I love Scottish bands so much, but I must not be the only one, because they kept saying how surprised they were to get such a big crowd. We arrived at the show quite drunk on vodka martinis, rum, strong Belgian beer, and red meat (and that's just what I had), making it in just as the last opening act was finishing up and got a great spot at the front of the side balcony.

K. loved that the ladies in the band were a healthy weight and wearing stockings, but she really went wild when they played a cover of ABBA's "Super Trouper." For my money, though, the high point was their splendid rendition of "Suspended from Class" (which the rest of the audience oddly didn't seem to know).

I was left to wonder though if it's rough being a drummer in a twee pop band, playing softly with cotton padding on the ends of your drumsticks, seething with jealousy when your other drummer friends brag about their nine-minute, primal, cacophonous solos.