July 30th, 2007

amd: green tiki


On my infrequent excursions to Long Beach Island over the past fifteen years, I've always kept an eye out for this little roadside stand that sells tikis and tiki-related merchandise. I've never actually stopped there, mostly because I've always been trying to outrace the rest of the shore traffic. But being a fan of the painter Shag, I've always found the sight of it extremely pleasing and often pledged to stop in some time when I wasn't in a hurry.

So, I was saddened this weekend to find it in ruins.

The thatch-roof stalls were empty and dilapidated. The tiki torches had all burnt out and mostly fallen to the ground. The Hawaiian-shirted salespeople vanished. And the lone surviving tiki had fallen into a state of hideous neglect, serving no other purpose now, but to hold up a leaning, handpainted, plywood sign reading "Tiki museum for sale."