July 26th, 2007

amd: tiki lust

Sarah Connor and Stacey Dash

Pre-airs of new fall shows have started appearing on the internet. Last night, I watched the pilot of The Sarah Connor Chronicles which continues the story from James Cameron's "Terminator 2." Sarah Connor (now played by Lena Headey from "300") is still on the run and protecting her son John (played by Thomas Dekkar from "Heroes") from both human law enforcement and killer robots from the future. The story was pretty decent, although most of it was set up for the rest of the series. "Firefly" and "Serenity" fans will want to check it out for Summer Glau.

And since warpedpuppy enjoyed last week's picture so much, here's another shot of Stacey Dash. Oddly enough, joelsd (who I'll be seeing at the shore this weekend) knows someone who claims to have dated Ms. Dash in high school.