July 11th, 2007

amd: green tiki

wayback wednesday: tickets!

I have tickets to all sorts of events stuck to my fridge. It makes me feel all planny. I suppose it's a way to prevent depression when the weather is distinctly ungroovy.

I've got tickets for WXPN's annual music festival next weekend, where I'll be seeing Fountains of Wayne, Cracker, the Smithereens, Bob Mould, and Suzanne Vega (plus lots of others).

I've got tickets to three of the films at the Philadelphia International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (The Curiosity of Chance, Nina's Heavenly Delights, and The Two Sides of the Bed) over the next couple weeks.

And I've got tickets to see one of my favorite bands Camera Obscura on August 22.

Now I want tickets to even more things!!! Too bad Cirque du Soleil isn't coming to town this summer...

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