May 24th, 2007

amd: blue poolside

Out of the rain and into the desert...

Ok, I'd always heard it, but am forced to agree. Powell's is the greatest
bookstore ever! Holy cow... it rocked. Whole aisles dedicated to subjects
that other stores might have just a shelf of. And a whole shelf dedicated
just to the Ramayana . They not only had a copy of this rare sci-fi novel
I've been looking for a replacement copy of forever, but they also instantly
knew what book I was talking about without having to look it up on the
computer. And everything was so reasonably-priced compared to used books in Philly stores. Even the artwork! We bought a print by an artist they were
displaying. So we had to go there two days in a row.

We hit the Japanese Gardens and the Chinese Gardens, which were both
awesome. Went to a great comic book shop called Floating World Comics.

And now we're in Utah! zeeke and Mrs. Zeeke met us at the airport
and took us out to dinner in Salt Lake City. And now we're heading off to
Moab for the next couple days!