May 17th, 2007

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"Lost" and other telly (significant spoilers)

Watched the series finale of Gilmore Girls last night. It wasn't exactly what I wanted (would it have killed them to bring Madeline and Louise back from a cameo!?!), but I did get all teared a up a few times, so I'd say I got my money's worth. I'll miss it as a whole, but am glad it's not going on the way it has been this season.

Next Top Model annoyed me by choosing Jaslene over Natasha. Then American Idol really annoyed me by kicking off Melinda. Bah! Stupid people who vote in reality tv polls!

Lost kinda annoyed me too. Everyone's all like "Why should we trust you Jack?" and Jack's like "Because I've been secretly been rigging your camp with dynamite! That's why!" "Oh, well, in that case, we're in!"

And Sayid was being stupid. Why should Jack take them to the radio tower? He's not the freaking communications expert! You are! Granted, I'd say neither of them are exactly expendable. What about leaving Kate to supervise the tent demolition?

At least the Charlie stuff was pretty good (which suprised me). So do you think Desmond is going to wake up and go save him? And this may be crazy talk, but is there any chance those people in the Looking Glass station aren't with the Others? I didn't seen any Dharma markings on their clothes. Could they be part of Parachute Girl's team? And, finally, is all this Alice in Wonderland referencing actually going anywhere?

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