May 10th, 2007

amd: fishing

the inevitable wednesday night television talk ("Lost" spoilers in paragraph three)

Damn, I couldn't believe the way they all ganged up on my girl Natasha last night on Next Top Model. Well, ok, I could, but still. As hilarious as I find her power of positive thinking, it so clearly works for her most of the time. (Maybe I should try it sometime instead of investing all of my energy into the power of cynical thinking.) If the judges had kicked her off, I might have been done with the show. I just hope she has time to recover before the finale.

American Idol has me worried now. I can hardly believe they kicked off LaKisha. Clearly she and Melinda split the vote of the people who actually care about singing ability. I just hope Melinda (who I prefer over LaKisha just because of her showmanship) can survive against her more fashionable-looking opponents.

And then there's Lost. Not sure why that island needs a haunted house on top of everything else it has going on, but I can't say it really bothered me. I think the zanier they get the better. Ben's backstory was pretty interesting. I wonder how long the island will let Locke be dead before it it gives us Zombie Locke? (Bonus: Batmanuel!!!)