May 7th, 2007

amd: orange peek

Spiderman (no real spoilers)

Finished playing Pokemon (finally winning the championship after like five failed attempts) saturday morning and was pleased to find that (rather than atrophying) my brain was eager to go right back to working on my novel.

Then went to see Spiderman, which had some really fun action sequences, but (and here I agree with every kid that was in the theater with us) there was too damn much talking! "Blah, blah, blah, I have feelings! Why doesn't anybody care about my feelings?" Oh, I don't know, maybe because you're Spiderman and you're supposed to be swinging around and fighting bad guys?

I also thought it was kind of a mess director-wise. The plot was all over the place and brimming over with unnecessary characters, zany coincidences, and breakneck tonal shifts. I can only assume that Raimi was thinking "Ok, in this scene, we're going to do a homage to The Mask and then we're going to shift gears right into a homage to the Tim Burton Batman movies, then it's back to screwball comedy for...." Normally that sort of thing doesn't bother me so much but in this case it just seemed really obvious, like they were taking shortcuts to coming up with a story.

That said, Topher Grace and Bryce Howard were a lot of fun to watch, but then they were in a whole other movie (a better movie) than Tobey and Kirsten were. And it was nice to see James Franco smiling for a change.