April 3rd, 2007

amd: ass monkey

Damn you, Stephin Merritt!!!

So, each year I buy the all access pass for the Film Festival, which lets you see all the movies and go to all the parties. I usually don't care about the parties, but it's free food and open bar, so my buddy Michael and I usually go to the opening party to get into the spirit of things. This year, however, they have split the all access pass in two. The normal priced one now just gets you the movies. If you want the parties as well, that's an extra $45. No big deal, I just got the cheap version and figured I'd spend that $45 making my own party.

Then I found out Stephin Merritt (from the Magnetic Fields) will be DJing the opening night party. And he's spinning bubblegum pop, which is interesting because I'd like to see what songs he considers to be bubblegum.

I'm really torn.