March 26th, 2007

amd: seonna hong

weekend report

Two parties this weekend. A surprising amount of my time at both was spent with a Wii controller in my hand. The most bizarre game by far was this one where we played crazy chickens torturing "evil" bunnies. No, seriously... really torturing. Shooting carrot juice into their snorkels, tickling bits of their exposed brains to make them hit themselves, electrocuting and burning them. Fun, but really disturbing. It's like CIA training for kids.

Also took a couple nice long walks up in Fairmount Park, made iced matcha green tea soy lattes, started reading a new book about Hinduism (a bit more modern and academic than a lot of the others I've been reading), finished transcribing the notes for my novel into the computer, and got the rough draft of my film festival schedule laid out.

Now I'm exhausted and looking forward to resting up at work til next weekend.