March 1st, 2007

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Next Top Model & Lost

Sarah Whitney Jaslene Natasha

So that was a pretty good start to this round of "America's Next Top Model" last night. It's a shame they nixed the heavilly-tattooed girl so fast. She could have been interesting. But they made up for it by casting two smart girls, Whitney and Sarah, who I suspect will be my favorites. I think Jaslene is going to be fun to watch just because she's so nutty (she's K's favorite). And the Russian mail order bride Natasha will likely provide some good melodrama as this season's crazy mean girl.

(Check out my mad html table skills!!)

Lost was fine. I like Sawyer so much better when he just sits back making wisecracks instead of being involved in the drama. Were we supposed to be surprised by whose help Kate was seeking?

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