January 17th, 2007

amd: Ape vs. Jet Girl

It burns, it burns!!!!!

So, I failed in my attempts to purchase "The Burning Crusade" (the new World of Warcraft expansion) yesterday. The store I was counting on didn't get their shipment because of some power outage at their warehouse and by the time I got around to calling other stores everyone else had sold out of it! So, I headed off to hang out with some pals at the Taproom and get my drunk on. My buddy Michael and I had so many rum-and-gingers that they ran out of normal rum and started giving us some crazy lady rum that tasted like vanilla. But we troopered on. Then on the way out, Michael pulled his copy of "The Burning Crusade" out and said "Here, you take mine." Damn! I'm telling you it was a real "Band of Brothers" moment. No, better yet, it was like the end of "Casablanca" with me as a drunker, geekier Victor Laszlo and the part of Ilsa played by a level 70 Blood Elf paladin with a flying mount. Or not. Well, whatever it was, it was a lovely thing to do.

So, when I sobered up this morning, I started the installation, which takes forever and was still going when I left for work. Fortunately, my sweet and wonderful girlfriend didn't have to work this morning and promised to finish the disc swapping for me. So, assuming the update patch that I torrented last week works, I should be up and running when I get home from work today! Rock!
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