December 8th, 2006

amd: blue bottle

the lady vanishes

Well, tomorrow I drive my girlfriend to the airport and watch her fly away for two weeks. She's off for a big Malaysian adventure with one of her best friends who's been living there for the past few years. I reckon it's the longest we'll have spent apart since our first couple dates. That'll be kind of weird.

So what am I going to do while she's gone? Well, leave the toilet seat up obviously. I'll also aspire to a higher level of dirtiness: dirty hair, dirty dishes in the sink, dirty laundry on the floors, dirty movies in the Netflix queue... heh... well, either that or old superhero cartoons.

But what else? Well, I'm going to try and make good on my pledge from last week to work on meditation (much easier in an empty house) and writing (since I'll probably be eating dinner at the taproom frequently anyway). I'll probably check out "Bobby" and "Apocolypto" as well. Not to mention holiday shopping.