December 1st, 2006

amd: meditating

my enemy the brain...

Well, another Nanowrimo has come and gone. While I wasn't really trying to compete, I had hoped it would invigorate my writing, but to no avail. It's odd, because I was writing up a storm in October, but my drive has been dwindling away throughout November. I still like the novel I'm working on, fortunately, and am still hapilly doing research and thinking about it, but no new pages are piling up.

With the shortening of days, I'm accustomed to going into lengthy depressions, which typically impact negatively on my writing, but I know that both of those things are self-fulfilling prophecies. My brain has a strong tendency to indulge in cyclical patterns. I guess it finds them reassuring (or it's just lazy). If my winter depression is just one of those patterns, I should be able to overcome it, right?

Recent conversations with an old friend have reminded me of a period in the past when I benefitted from meditation. I think it's time to try that again. If I could dull the echo of even a few of the nasty negative thoughts bouncing around in my skull, it would be really great. Maybe I can find a little peace and regain some focus.