October 30th, 2006

silly: pumpkin

Halloween Hat Trick

Well, we survived The Night of Too Many Halloween Parties. With flying colors. Since the parties were all at least a half hour away from each other, we could only manage to stay for around 90 minutes at each one. And even then it was one of our latest nights ever. It was funny showing up so late to party three, because everybody was already really drunk when we got there.

I was pretty psyched that at least one person at each party recognized me as Elliott Gould's version of Trapper John from the movie MASH. Here's a picture of me side-by-side with Elliott for comparison:

It was an ideal costume because it meant I could wear glasses and I didn't have to shave my mustache. Plus I already had the perfect shirt.

K. dressed as a rootin' tootin' cowgirl complete with spurs and six-shooters. The scariest costume of the night by far was my friend Dave in a red suit and devil-horned George Bush mask.

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