October 19th, 2006

amd: harem

rock bands and runways

It's frankly ridiculous how much time and energy I've spent thinking about the fictional rock band in the novel I'm writing. Whole days of debating is Ravi going to be on bass or rhythm guitar? And is he going to quit in chapter one or is he too good of a character to let go of that soon? Is Lak going to replace him on bass or does is make more sense for him to play sitar? And if Lak is playing sitar, does that mean Sunil is playing bass? Does Rama play lead guitar and sing or does he share the vocals with Ravi? And why the hell does the drummer have a different name everytime I write a sentence with him in it?

I tell you, real live bands that actually exist worry less about these things than I do.

But it's ok now. After a few scribbled pages and pints at the bar last night, I think I have it all figured out. Well, almost all. I'm still not completely sure what the drummer's name is.

In honor of the season finale of "Project Runway" (which my girlfriend will be off watching with her cadre of fashion-minded librarians tonight), I give you show's host (although really it's all about Tim Gunn) Heidi Klum...

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