August 24th, 2006

amd: fishing


So, in the upside-down, mirror-mirror universe of Australia ("Not the Australia they teach you about in school... Melbourne, Sydney... No, the real Australia! The smoking caves! The gods who eat mountains! The air whales! The rivers of gold! The Leopard Queen!"), there's this blog kinda... sorta... slightly... like mine... but with a twist!

There, instead of a monkey posting daily photographs of derrieres, this brilliant lunatic of the Outback posts daily pictures of monkeys punching dinosaurs! Yes, you heard me right...


I sent him a contribution and he posted it yesterday. So, go on over and check it out:

(Hmmm.... I think this post could use a couple more exclamation points...)

ETA: xterminal has magnificently created an LJ syndication for the site: monkeypunchdino