June 16th, 2006

amd: ass monkey

Jenny Lewis, I apologize!!!

Got a funny comment the other day, asking if the model in one of my posts was Jenny Lewis (formerly of the band Rilo Kiley). I couldn't imagine why they'd be asking that, since there wasn't much resemblance. Then I realized, the little "Listening to:" blurb at the the bottom of my post was a Jenny Lewis song. So when folks do google image searches for Jenny Lewis, one of the images that comes up is from my December 20th, 2005 post.

And so because of me, there may be people out there thinking they are in possession of rare nude photos of their favorite indie rock stars. Assuming, of course, they're not all too sure what those stars really look like...

(And just for the record, the young lady in this picture is NOT actually William Shatner. Although perhaps I've just made some future Trekie's google image search just a little more rewarding.)

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