January 10th, 2006

declan:  blue tickle

"Did Martha Plimpton invent the electric dinosaur?"

"Surface" was pretty fun last night. I like Rich being left out of this new chapter. I think it would be good if they kept him and Laura separated for a while. Give him time to get even crazier. Maybe even grow a beard. Maybe he could he can go act crazy around Miles and Nim for a while.

And speaking of Miles, you've got to love the way they're blending his going through puberty with his gradual mutation into an amphibian. The first time he kisses a girl, he not only sees sparks, he almost electrocutes her. And the next time he kisses her (properly grounded this time!), he ends up getting white sticky stuff all over them both. Hah! I'm guessing that's some sort of protective slime to make him more aerodynamic in the water (hydrodynamic?).

And what's going in Laura's new storyline? Did Martha Plimpton invent the electric dinosaur? For real? I was so sure they came from outer space what with all those dramatic scenes of shooting stars in the early episodes.