December 27th, 2005

amd: blue poolside

christmas wrapup show

Well, my long Christmas weekend was pretty darn good. My taco dip and baklava were big hits (even though I over-toasted the almonds). Nobody in my family fought with each other. I got some great presents and everybody seemed to like the presents we gave. Also, one of my buddies gave me a ten-day free trial to World of Warcraft and I crammed as much of that into my free time as possible. I've got to say it's an amazing and beautiful game. I'll probably go on playing after the trial is over. Oh, and as a little Christmas bonus from the universe, I got a very mild, very pleasant acid flashback for the better part of yesterday afternoon. Totally unexpected as I haven't dropped acid in nearly eight years. I think it left me a little spacey today, but fortunately there's nobody in the office except for me and the big boss, so I suspect it will go completely unnoticed.